Why am I not receiving emails from bayfronthoa.net?

Emails are sent from this site from email addresses ending in @bayfronthoa.netThis includes Board announcements, newsletters, forms, new account confirmations, etc. If you are not receiving (or stopped receiving) these emails, check the following:

  1. Check your spam (or junk) folder:

Most email accounts come with a "spam" or "junk" folder, and unwanted or questionable emails are automatically sent there based on the filtering that is done by email servers. It's wise to periodically check this folder because sometimes legitimate emails get misfiled, and you end up missing messages.

If you check this folder and find emails from @bayfronthoa.net, right click on the email message, and select "not spam," "not junk", "whitelist", or the equivalent. Doing this accomplishes the following:

  • Moves our messages out of the spam folder and into your inbox
  • Tells your email provider to put future messages from us directly in your inbox
  • Lets your email provider know that emails from @bayfronthoa.net aren't spam
  1. Add emails with @bayfronthoa.net to your email contacts
  2. Confirm you are using the correct email address in your bayfronthoa.net account (eg, is it current? no typos, etc)
  3. Make sure you are not using a "filter" or "rule" that may be automatically deleting or moving emails sent from @bayfronthoa.net.
  4. ​Adjust your antivirus settings

Your antivirus software could be blocking (or quarantining) emails from us. Open your antivirus software, and see if there are any @bayfronthoa.net emails trapped there. Your software probably has a "safe sender" list option. Find it, and add @bayfronthoa.net to your list.

  1. Setup a Rule or Filter that will move emails that are sent from @bayfronthoa.net directly into your inbox.
  2. Try using a different email account with a different provider, such a Gmail.
  3. For more help, check your email provider's website.
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