Kayak Storage Shed Rules and Lottery Process

updated 07/29/2020 4:26pm

Kayak Storage Shack
Rules and Lottery Process

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Lottery Notification and Entry Form:

  • Notice of the lottery will be emailed from the website and will include a link to the entry form.
  • At that time, the lottery form will be available on bayfronthoa.net in the Residents Area - e-Forms section.
  • One lottery entry per household is permitted.
  • Deadline for submission is Noon on Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

Lottery Drawing and Rack Assignments:

  • The lottery drawing date will be published in a separate notice email.
  • Names are selected until 24 slots are filled; plus five (5) alternates.
  • If all slots are not filled, a second lottery drawing of those excluded will be held.

Eligibility Information:

  • Any HOA member in good standing with the HOA qualifies.
  • HOA members need not be present to win.
  • The previous year lottery winners are ineligible to participate in the following year's lottery.
  • Winning kayak spaces are NON-TRANSFERABLE.
  • Only kayaks are permitted in shack.  No canoes or Stand-Up-Paddle Boards.

Storage Options:

  • Lottery participants are permitted to use a maximum of one or two storage racks.
  • When two spaces have been allotted, they will be assigned “end-to-end” spaces (one on Bay-side and second on same rack level on opposite side of shed towards the woods).

Kayak Shed Information:

  • 24 kayak racks available.
  • Two spaces are required for larger kayaks or tandem two-person kayaks.
  • Marine combination-type locks will be used to secure the Kayak Shed.
  • Combinations will be provided to 2020 Lottery Winners.

Removal of Previous Year Kayaks:

  • Previous year winners must remove kayaks at a date announced.

Responsibilities of Winning Participants:

  • HOA members are responsible for reviewing their assigned space and measuring (if necessary) to ensure their kayaks will fit completely within either the one or two racks that they are assigned.  Due to the variance in kayak sizes, this is a critical step to take.
  • Due to similarities in kayak styles and colors, lottery participants are strongly encouraged to permanently tag or mark their kayak(s) with a unique identifier before storing.
  • Lottery winners will be notified when they may move their kayak(s) into the shack.

Neither the Bay Front HOA nor the Kayak Team are responsible for any loss or damage to your kayak(s).   HOA Members participating assume and bear the entire risk of loss, damage, destruction or theft of their kayak and equipment (any and all property) in whole or in part for any reason whatsoever and agree that the HOA and its agents will not be liable in the event of such loss, damage, destruction or theft.

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