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2021 Lawn Services

2021 Lawn Services

  • All Bay Front lawns are scheduled to be mowed on the same day: THURSDAY.  Always avoid watering lawns on mowing day and the day before to help prevent lawn damage that may otherwise occur from the mowing equipment.

  • All lawn services are performed only when weather and lawn conditions permit, as determined by Shore.

    • Brief service interruptions due to weather are not uncommon.  When this happens Shore will automatically resume service.  When extended delays are anticipated during periods of extremely wet or hot weather, HOA members will be notified by email, and may be instructed to adjust or turn-off their irrigation system so that services can be performed.

  • Actual dates for fertilizer applications, irrigation and leaf cleanup services are determined by Shore.  Email notifications will be sent when these services have been scheduled with instructions on how to opt out of that service, if desired.  There is no reduction in HOA dues when services are not used.

  • Use the Contact Us form to report issues related to the performance of Shore’s services.  This form should also be used to submit special requests, such as to temporarily stop or resume weekly grass cutting.  A minimum of 7-days advance notice is required for all requests.

  • Services not included in the HOA contract with Shore (mulch, specialty herbicides and fungicides, shrub trimming, lawn aeration, overseeding, lime, etc.)  are the responsibility of the homeowner and can be contracted directly with Shore or any landscaping company of your choice.




Mow grass weekly April through October.  All grass clippings to be picked during each cutting.  Trim around shrub beds, curbs, sidewalks, and driveways after each cutting.  Blow off roadways, sidewalks, driveways and patios after each cutting.  Edging is done  every other week.


Irrigation start up includes the initial adjustment of timers and heads.  Winterization includes turning off the controller, shutting off the water to the system and blowing out of all lines.


Shore provides four (4) applications during the course of the season as detailed below.  The first application will be applied in the spring and includes crabgrass control.  The additional applications will be applied approximately every two months with the final application being in the late fall.  A small sign will be placed in the lawn at the time of each application to alert homeowners their lawn has been treated.

Application #1 (March/April)

Granular Slow release fertilizer w/Crabgrass control.

Safety Data Sheet: Dithiopyr

Application #2 (May/June)

Liquid slow release fertilizer w/Crabgrass control and Broadleaf weed control.

Safety Data Sheets: Prodiamine and Vessel

Application #3 (Sept/Oct)

Liquid slow release fertilizer w/Broadleaf weed control.

Safety Data Sheet: Vessel

Application #4 (Nov/Dec) Granular Slow release fertilization.


Two (2) Leaf clean-ups of all irrigated areas including planting beds. The first will occur around the end of November and second will occur prior to Christmas.


Associated costs for the following are the responsibility of the homeowner.  If interested, contact Shore directly to arrange an estimate



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